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"It was such a great experience to work through the design process with Johnson + Muller on our home renovation/addition, from the initial meetings to the completion of the final construction. John Worthy provided solutions which went outside the box that broke out of the limitations we saw and provided us with directions that were exciting. The feel of our new kitchen, breakfast nook and family room is so different from the older portions of our house and yet it works with it all, and has warmth that is very inviting, a place that I look forward to walking into every day.

I work in the construction industry and so was very aware going into construction of the possibilities of change orders and the usual building nightmares, but the plans were complete and accurate and John worked closely with the contractor on issues in the field making the construction smooth and enjoyable. I cannot think of a firm that I would more highly endorse."

Don Nibecker, Homeowner, Camarillo Ca.